Our program is designed to be entertaining, while structured into levels, we like to call 'Fun Tricks'.  

Fun Daze isn't just for kids, we welcome adults. Do you want to gain confidence to skate on our beautiful beach paths? We can help you gain the skills for general street skating. Parents can join their kids in a group lesson or book private lessons. Contact us for private family lessons!

Level 1

We focus on basic skating techniques to prepare students for park skating. Some of the basic techniques our coaches will be teaching include;  skating stance, pushing, toe stop techniques, one legged balancing, stopping, turning, skating backwards and front to back transitions. 

Level 2

For our students who have successfully learnt all the Level 1 techniques and skills, we move onto basic street and park tricks, which include; curb stalls, a variety of different jumps, toe stop jumps, 180’s & 360’s, small roll in's and the fundamentals of dropping in.

All Levels 

Our Saturday group classes cater for all levels, from beginner to advanced. We introduce skate park techniques and a variety tricks. We assess the level of each student that attends and we work towards building confidence with ramp skating and focus on; pumping, roll ins, drop ins,  vrious coping stalls and tricks.

Private Lessons

Fast track your skating journey with our one-on-one lessons. You will achieve your goals faster under the guidance of our coaches. They will breakdown the tricks step-by-step, demonstrating good body position and weight distribution on skates.